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ag真人国际厅网址|34+9+5!浓眉总决赛首秀比肩湖人4大传奇 在场净胜23分

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[Video-Brother Thick Eyebrows named to praise Pope: The team is very slow, it was his 2 three-pointers that drove us]


On October 1, Beijing time, the first game of the NBA Finals kicked off. The Lakers beat the Heat 116-98, leading 1-0 with a total score. Anthony Davis, the "Browseed Brother", smashed the Quartet in the first Finals of his career, scoring 34 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks. The Lakers can net up to as many as he is on the court. 23 points, and this was due to the fact that he was chased by the Heat in the garbage time. It can be said that the most important reason for the Lakers' victory in this game is that "Brother Thick Eyebrow" has become an unsolvable problem for the Heat on both offense and defense.

北京时间10月1日,NBA总决赛的第一场比赛开始了。湖人队以116-98击败热火队,以总比分1-0领先。 “浏览兄弟”安东尼·戴维斯(Anthony Davis)在他职业生涯的第一场总决赛中击败了四重奏,获得34分,9个篮板,5次助攻和3个盖帽。湖人队最多可以得到他场上的净额。 23分,这是由于他在垃圾时间被热火追赶。可以说,湖人队在这场比赛中获胜的最重要原因是,“眉毛浓密的兄弟”已经成为热火在进攻和防守上都无法解决的问题。

The Heat are a team that is very good at defending zone defenses, but they can use zone defenses to lock down Brother Antetokounmpo and get the Celtics' striker group, but there is nothing to do with "Big Eyebrows". Because "Brother Thick Eyebrows" can not only pull to the free throw line or even the three-point line for long shots, but also directly catch the ball and attack the rim. There are many offensive methods, physical talents also crush the Heat players, plus James and Long With two more passers to feed the cake, the Heat can't help him.


But one-on-one staring, but it is a gift to "Brother Thick Eyebrow". In the first quarter, the Heat once scored a 23-10 lead with 13 points. At this time Vogel boldly replaced James and let "Brother Thick Eyebrow" lead the team alone. As a result, he continued to catch the ball and attack at the basket. It was a simple move. There is no resistance to the Heat.


What's even more frightening is that if "Brother Thick Eyebrow" only has offense, he is on the defensive end, which also makes the Heat a headache. After the opening, the Heat used a pick-and-roll offense to punish Howard, but when Vogel replaced Howard and let "Brother Thick Eyebrow" play the 5th position, the Heat suddenly discovered that their pick-and-roll could not be played.


"Brother Thick Eyebrow" not only moves faster than Howard, but also his defensive selection is very good. He can always get stuck between the Heat's ball holder and the screener, so that the opponent's attack is not a pass or not. The combination of Dragic and Adebayor, who had played Howard for 3 consecutive rounds, repeatedly hit the wall in front of "Brother Thick Eyebrow". Forced to fall back to CIC.


In the case of LeBron James's off-court rest, "Brother Thick Eyebrow" led his team to fill the hole. After his debut in the second quarter, he made a three-pointer from the outside, and he could also attract a flanking assist teammate to make a three-pointer, leaving the Heat helpless . In the third quarter of the game, "Brother Thick Eyebrows" continued to deduct points and scored 12 points in a single quarter, which completely beat the Heat.


In the end, the stats of "Brown Eyebrows" stayed at 34 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks. He was also the fifth place in the history of the Lakers since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Worthy, O'Neal and Kobe. 5 players. And if the Heat can't find a way to deal with "Brother Thick Eyebrow", then this round of the series, they really hardly have a chance. (Ice cube)

最终,“布朗眉毛”的数据保持在34分,9个篮板,5个助攻和3个盖帽。自卡里姆·阿卜杜勒·贾巴尔,沃西,奥尼尔和科比以来,他还是湖人历史上的第五位。 5位玩家。而且如果热火找不到应对“兄弟浓眉”的方法,那么在本轮系列赛中,他们真的没有机会。 (冰块)

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