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Born in Zadar, raised in Dinamo Zagreb, became famous at Tottenham, and then transformed into the core of the Champions League three consecutive championships, and there will be a chance to retire in the Real Madrid shirt in the future. Modric's solid player career is the ideal trajectory for most of his peers. If he can say goodbye to the green field in his famous team, it is something that many stars can't ask for.

生于扎达尔,在萨格勒布迪纳摩长大,在托特纳姆热刺队中出名,然后连续三届成为冠军联赛的核心,将来有机会退役。 Modric扎实的球员生涯是他大多数同龄人的理想轨迹。如果他能告别他著名球队的绿色领域,那是很多明星都无法要求的。

Today, the front page of the "Marca" gave the Croatian star. In this interview, he also made it clear that he wants to end Real Madrid. In order to achieve this goal, the Golden Globe winner is willing to accept a salary cut. His contract with the Galaxy Battleship will expire in June next year. Last month, the Croatian international just passed his 35th birthday, but he also said in an interview that he still feels that his competitive state is maintained very well, and he is fully capable of being a La Liga giant Contribute another piece of waste heat.


This season, in La Liga, he has played 3 games for Real Madrid, two of which played the whole game, and indeed have enough energy to continue to play for the giants. And Modric and his family also want to stay here: "I have communicated with my wife and children. We love Madrid deeply. This is my home. I hope to renew the contract, but I don’t want this to be a problem for the coach. ."

本赛季,在西甲,他为皇家马德里队出战了3场比赛,其中有2场比赛是整场比赛,而且确实有足够的精力继续为豪门效力。莫德里奇和他的家人也想留在这里:“我已经与澳门AG真人厅妻子和孩子们进行了交流。我们深爱马德里。这是我的家。我希望续签合同,但是我不希望这成为一个问题。教练。 。”

There is still time before next summer, and the Croatian also gave the club enough room to think about the contract renewal: "It all depends on the club, but I think I can still play a key role here." Real Madrid's contract arrives tomorrow. In fact, the key players in the period are not only Modric, but also Lucas Vazquez and the team's meritorious captain Ramos.

明年夏天之前还有时间,克罗地亚人还为俱乐部提供了足够的空间来考虑续签合同:“这完全取决于俱乐部,但我认为我仍然可以在这里发挥关键作用。”皇马的合同明天到达。实际上,这段时期的主要球员不仅是莫德里奇(Modric),而且还有卢卡斯·巴斯克斯(Lucas Vazquez)和车队的有功队长拉莫斯(Ramos)。

The Spanish media pointed out before that the club’s attitude to renew the contract for an older star like Ramos may be one-year contract. Ramos may not have the heart to accept this contract, but Modric was interviewed by Radio Searle before. It is open to this method of contract renewal. If you renew the contract with the team for one year, the new contract expires in 2022, which happens to be another World Cup year. It is also a suitable choice for Modric who intends to contribute to the Grid Corps in the World Series.

西班牙媒体此前指出,俱乐部为拉莫斯这样的年长球星续签合同的态度可能是一年的合同。拉莫斯可能不愿意接受这份合同,但莫德里奇曾接受塞尔电台的采访。这种合同更新方法是开放的。如果您与球队续约一年,则新合同将于2022年到期,而这恰好又是世界杯的一年。对于打算在世界大赛中为Grid Corps做出贡献的Modric,这也是一个合适的选择。

"Marca" also gave a hypothesis that if Modric chooses to retire in 2022, he can perfectly realize his idea of ​​dying in Real Madrid and playing two national team competitions for Croatia. It’s just that the Qatar World Cup kicks off at the end of the following year, which is different from previous World Cups. For those players who intend to fade out of football after the big game, how to deal with the "empty window" of the half-year from the end of the league to the World Cup? Still a problem.


In the interview, the Croatian also talked about the old teammate Bell, who only left the Galacticos this summer. The two first played at Tottenham and then at Real Madrid. They fought side by side for 11 years, during which they accumulated a deep friendship. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the interview, Modric was at odds with the Welsh star: "I have been with him for most of my career. He is a special person. The evaluation of him by the outside world is unfair. People have been selective in recent years. Judge him, but he has made impressive achievements in Real Madrid, and he will be remembered forever by the club as a team merit."


Another point of controversy against Bell was that he had been in Spain for many years, but he was unwilling to learn and use Spanish. Magic flute also took the opportunity of an interview to "refute rumors": "He has no problems in the dressing room, he is a good man. He also speaks Spanish, and he also jokes with us in Spanish. He is just shy. There have been some things in recent years, and the outside world has forgotten what Bell did for the team before. It's just that over time As time goes by, people will remember how important he was to the team. Everyone has his own way of behavior. Bell is like that. He doesn’t have too much contact with his teammates, but in the team’s locker room he is just like Good boy. One thing that makes me sad is that people have forgotten his contributions in recent years."


The Belgian star Hazard, who Real Madrid bought with a lot of money last summer, has not played well with the team so far, and has not even been able to score goals on behalf of the Galaxy Battleship in the game for a year. At the start of the new season, Hazard suffered an injury and the time for the Real Madrid premiere for the new season was also delayed. Modric also called on the outside world to give the players more patience: "The situation is uncomfortable for him. He has proved that he is one of the best in the world. This year I am also sure that he will prove himself. It's just that the injury prevented him. ."

比利时皇后哈扎德(Hazard)去年夏天被皇马用很多钱买下,到目前为止,他们在球队中的表现还不够好,甚至一年都无法代表银河战舰(Galaxy Battleship)进球。在新赛季开始时,哈扎德受伤,新赛季皇家马德里首映的时间也被推迟。莫德里奇还呼吁外界给予玩家更多的耐心:“这种情况对他来说并不舒服。他证明了他是世界上最好的球员之一。今年我也相信他会证明自己。这仅仅是受伤阻止了他。”

Talking about several major coaches he had worked with during Real Madrid, Modric also commented one by one in the interview: "When Real Madrid signed me from Tottenham, Mourinho played a key role and could only be with him. A year of cooperation is a heartbreaking thing. Ancelotti is an excellent coach, and he is even better off the court. Zidane is a top coach, and there is no need to repeat what we have achieved together. However, judging from the evaluation of the coach, the outside world does not appreciate him enough."