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澳门AG真人厅:许海峰:射击运动适合中国人 还能预防孩子近视


   In the past few days, Xu Haifeng, who won the first gold medal in the Olympic Games for China, traveled to many primary and secondary schools in Shanghai, sometimes sharing life stories with children, and sometimes instructing children to shoot lasers.


   In his own words, he has been doing "social welfare activities" in recent years.


   Of course, the 63-year-old Xu Haifeng has been paying attention to shooting, his old profession. “There are many more people engaged in this sport now than we were back then.”

当然,现年63岁的徐海峰一直很重视射击,这是他的职业。 “现在从事这项运动的人比我们那时要多。”

   He is also full of confidence in the future of China's shooting, "As long as we pay attention, we can improve."




   On the 13th, the Olympic champion Xu Haifeng and Tao Luna entered the campus at Xuhui Middle School (South School). On the 12th, the two participated in the first lesson of "My Champion Teacher".

13日,奥运冠军徐海峰和陶露娜进入徐汇中学(南方中学)校园。 12日,两人参加了“我的冠军老师”的第一堂课。

  Actually, the 63-year-old Xu Haifeng has retired for several years, but he has hardly stopped his footsteps.


   "When we are engaged in the profession, we do our best to win the honor for the country. The achievements we have achieved are the result of the country's training. After retirement, we have more time and we come to do something for the society."




   When asked by a primary school student if he ever wanted to give up when learning shooting, Xu Haifeng said earnestly, “If you love the project you are engaged in, you should stick to it, and you can succeed.”


From elementary school to university, Xu Haifeng still has a lot of insights in the past few years, such as the question of what children want to do in the future, "Basically no one says to be a sports star, it’s too hard; he rarely says to be a scientist Anyway, the answer I heard is far from our time."


Is    the so-called generation gap? In Xu Haifeng’s view, this should be a manifestation of values, “it is necessary for the whole society to do some guidance, and more people of insight are needed to do this, so that our youth and the next generation can be useful for serving the country. only."






   In the process of entering elementary school, Xu Haifeng has been calling for attention to eye health issues.


"The rate of myopia in our country’s young people’s eye health is very high. If we don’t pay attention, it will be a very big problem. The biggest reason at present is that the whole society does not pay enough attention to eye health. Everyone has insufficient understanding of the hazards of eye health, and some problems will easily occur after insufficient understanding."


   In the 2020 Shanghai Primary and Middle School Laser Shooting Exhibition and Shanghai Middle School Sports Week, Xu Haifeng specifically mentioned that shooting practice can prevent myopia.




   While participating in activities at Xuhui Middle School, Xu Haifeng was deeply impressed by this school with a history of more than 100 years. The original purpose of this school was different from the moral, intellectual, and physical that we are now familiar with. The school puts physical first. To


"The school told me that there are more than 20 sports events for students to participate in. Now our students really need to strengthen their exercises. The physical condition of students in many places is a little bad. The students have been standing since the morning of the activity, for about forty to fifty minutes. This is already not easy."


Xu Haifeng said that during the period he saw one or two students were unable to stand up, they left the scene. “I went to some schools before and often saw that many students had difficulty standing for a long time. It took at least half an hour to stand at attention move."

徐海峰说,在此期间,他看到一两个学生无法站起来,他们离开了现场。 “我以前去过一些学校,经常看到很多学生长时间站立困难。至少花了半个小时才引起注意。”

"It's not that wisdom and morality are not important, but physicality is the basis for doing everything." Xu Haifeng, who looks more serious, also started a joke, "No matter how good you are or if you are not very good, you will live a long time. It’s better to live shorter than you."



  Although he has basically put aside his professional work at the national team level, Xu Haifeng is still the person with the most say in shooting sports.


"From the current national registered population of shooting sports and the number of people engaged in this project, it is now much better than in the past. How many? There are amateur teams under one province. Now with the development of reform and opening up and technological development, people who practice laser guns There are also many. If it continues to spread, the crowd will grow."


   But there is a certain contrast with the participating population-from the London Olympics to the Rio Olympics, the overall performance of the Chinese shooting team over the years is downhill.


   Tokyo Olympics, industry insiders also have some doubts about whether the Chinese shooting team can win more gold medals.




  Xu Haifeng's words, you can still read a lot of content under the detailed product.


   In Xu Haifeng’s view, Chinese are more suitable for skill projects, especially shooting projects. “Skill projects require smart people. Some of the techniques are difficult to master, or you have to study them in depth.”

徐海峰认为,中国人更适合技能项目,尤其是射击项目。 “技能项目需要聪明的人。其中一些技巧很难掌握,或者您必须深入研究它们。”



Indeed, paying attention can do well. Xu Haifeng uses India as an example. “India is also a country with a large population. It has participated in the Olympic Games so many times and has never won a gold medal. The first gold medal is also a shooting. The gold medal is very stimulating to the whole country. , So India attaches great importance to shooting projects, and people will get up after paying attention."

确实,专心做事可以做得很好。徐海峰以印度为例。 “印度还是一个人口众多的国家。它参加了奥林匹克运动会很多次,从未获得金牌。第一枚金牌也是射击。金牌对整个国家都非常刺激。 ,因此印度非常重视射击项目,人们在关注之后会起床。”

   "Now they are as good as the Chinese team. It's just to pay attention, it's that simple."