Photo Session with Jeff Haffner

Jeff Haffner is a boss at his trade! I needed headshots, and he came very highly recommended. Let me tell you, there is a reason for that!

Jeff is a true master, able to easily and effectively communicate exactly what he needs in order to get the shot he wants.

Laid back, professional, with very reasonable rates: Jeff is the guy to go to for anyone seeking quality prints, be that for acting, modeling, or general purpose.

Don’t delay! Call Jeff today.



“Oh Sheep!” on YouTube

Fresh from the 168 Film Festival, here is “Oh Sheep!”:


Written & Produced by Aaron D. Ybarra

Directed by Brian Vann

D. P. & Editor… Zachary Aro

On-set Photographer & Poster Design… Natalie Kalinski


Ziek… Kerem Erdinc

Dave… Kurt Vann

Sheep… Zachary Aro

Special Thanks… Jesus Christ, Katie Ybarra, Susan Shearer & John Ware

“Project 12 Presents” on Amazon

IMG_1624-1Hello friends,

I am totally stoked to announce that Project 12 Presents, which features most of our Project 12 Film Series, plus a few extra goodies, is now available on Amazon! Major props go out to Jesus Christ, the Project 12 cast and crew, F10 Films, Independent Aro, (our closed captioning provider), and Amazon Direct Video for making this all happen. Featuring music, dance, drama, action, and comedy, there is a little something for everyone in this short film collection.

For those with Amazon Prime, it’s absolutely FREE. You can even watch it on your smart phone by simply downloading the Amazon Video app. This is definitely not something you want to pass by, so pick up your copy today and please, please do leave a comment on the Amazon page. Every review- good, bad, and ugly- makes a WORLD of difference!

Click here to begin your adventure

168 Audience Favorite Award: Vote Now

Hi friends,

Our short film, “Oh Sheep!” debuts today. We’re gunning to get an Audience Favorite award, but we need your help. Text “126930” to 1-650-600-9016.

Thanks, and have a groovy day!

P. S. Above is the trailer for this year’s 168 Film Festival. We’re at minute 01:41


Turn it Back to One: the Aaron D. Ybarra Debut Album

Genre: beach/folk

  1. It’s a Brand New Day: Aaron D. Ybarra, vocals & acoustic guitar. Brad Weinholtz, bass, mandolin & electric guitar
  2.  Long Way to Paris: Aaron D. Ybarra, vocals, percussion, acoustic & electric guitar
  3. California: Aaron D. Ybarra, vocals, acoustic guitar. Ben Meler, bass
  4. Endure: Aaron D. Ybarra, vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
  5. Let’s Go: Aaron D. Ybarra, vocals, ukulele, bongos, bass & rain stick
  6. Division: Aaron D. Ybarra, acoustic guitar
  7. Take Your Picture: Aaron D. Ybarra, vocals. Brad Weinholtz, electric guitar. Danny Ybarra, steel drum & mixing
  8. Turn it Back to One: Aaron D. Ybarra, vocals & electric guitar

Special thanks: Jesus Christ, Katie Ybarra, Danny Ybarra, Brad Weinholtz, and Ben Meler.

“Oh Sheep!” Press Release

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.13.50 PM.png

From producer, Aaron D. Ybarra, and director, Brian Vann, comes OKOA latest film submission for the 168 Film Festival: “OH SHEEP!.” This short will make its debut on Saturday, August 20th at Regal Cinema / LA Live. Showtime is at 10:00am – 10:55 am with an encore presentation from 2:30pm – 3:45 pm. Tickets are available on the 168 website.

Tickets 🎟:

Time & Schedule ⏰:

-Zachary Aro, Editor and Cinematographer