“Universe” Begins Pre-Production

Heigh-ho, everyone!

Aaron Ybarra here, head of Our Kind of Awesome Productions. I am proud to announce the beginnings of a new project, “Zombie Universe: a Dirge in Dm.” (working title)

The inspiration came to me from The Dead Timez magazine, a “place for artists, bands, creative people and entertainment” that I found out about when one of my friends competed to get onto their cover. Recently, they sent out a call for songs for their anniversary issue and I felt compelled to write one for them.

The project snowballed from there. In a short time, I had laid the groundwork for a song written in a genre I was not used to, coupled with a shot list way beyond my normal ability to shoot. The gauntlet had been thrown.

This project is a spiritual journey for me, pulling no punches on its way to encounter God. It seeks to meet Him not outside of suffering, but in the midst of it. In that way, it is the embodiment of medieval Christianity, of Kierkegaard’s divinity-in-the-deluge existentialism, and I hope you find peace and enjoyment in this work.

I don’t anticipate it on being on a very commercial film. It will be a departure from our normal, cutesy material, but will maintain- and hopefully improve upon- the quality of our former videos. I am not asking for any money to get this project made, but if you have time or talents in areas I will announce later, I would appreciate your help with those. First and foremost, I request you pray for the project, for me, and for the team of crazies that I will work with. This is going to quite a challenge, but also quite the blessing. I can’t wait to bring this Universe to life!

Love you all!

Yours sincerely,

A. Ybarra

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