Welcome to Willow, Production Wraps on “Hit”

Hello everyone!

I am super-happy to report that we just finished filming our latest project, “Hit.” Dakota Denton, Elise Ybarra, Katie Ybarra, Deja Hilvert and new friends, Rick Denton (Dakota’s father) and Peter Ayala (director of “Pumped Up Kicks“) all lent their hand in making this a truly wonderful production.

I think my shout-out of the day definitely goes out to Peter. He served as my Assistant Director this time around and brought a host of experience and toys with him.I have always wanted to work with a steadicam (helpful in making moving shots less “Blair Witch” -y). He brought one. I’ve heard that the Rode shotgun mics are amazing. Peter brought one of those too. Let me tell you, the sound those mics picked up was above and beyond my expectations. He not only had this top-notch equipment, but he also knew how to use it. All I had to tell him were the types of shots I wanted, and he faithfully executed them. Lastly, Peter possessed a skill that I admit I, at times, lack: the ability to direct. He coached Dakota through my daunting monologue like a pro, bringing out the best in this very talented actor (I will not boast in myself, but I sure as heck will boast in my crew!) . Peter was a great addition to our little family, and, readers, I urge you to keep an eye out for awesome things to come from him in the future.

That said, I digress: the night of filming went swimmingly. Dakota masterfully delivered a three-page monologue; Peter was Peter; Rick got stuffed into a coat two sizes to small for him; and Deja fixed Dakota’s hair while commanding the boom pole while I “floated” in a chilly pool dressed in nothing but boxer shorts and a Hawaiian shirt (fun times).

After the filming, I think everyone in our small but mighty crew left satisfied.  Dakota swears it might even be good enough for big festivals such as Newport Beach and Santa Barbara (a doorway to the Oscars).  I personally would love even rub elbows with ol’ Oscar (though I hear he is a bit of a grouch), but we shall see. In the meantime, the footage has wandered into the hands of our wonderful editor, Zach Aro, who I have no doubt will stitch together a masterpiece with his Disney-loving hands.

I cannot wait to share this film with y’all, so stay tuned for future details. In the meantime, love life; believe in Jesus; and have a wonderful day.

All my love,

Aaron Ybarra

(WILLOW AVE street sign created by Mayhem & Merriment)

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