Dr. Horrible to Cybergeddon: Tracking a Microcinema Explosion

Do you remember the writers’ strike? I do- namely because that is when my love affair ended with “Grey’s Anatomy.” More importantly, during that time, cult director, Joss Whedon, uploaded a series of web videos that together formed the movie, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

While watching the movie for the umpteenth time the other day, I was struck by the idea that this movie marked the beginning of a microcinema movement; then, I went back to drinking Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

Nowadays, we take microcinema for granted. Gone are the days when we would have to go to the movies, or even go home, to see a feature. At the click of a button, we can access Netflix. Youtube and Vimeo have provided fertile breeding grounds for many an internet empire, and the quality of the videos uploaded onto these public domains is growing fast. Film festivals are beginning to receive features from filmmakers armed with an iPhone and Final Cut Pro.

With overhead costs of blockbusters ballooning out to the point where producers are scared to touch anything that is not a sure bet, even “A” list actors and actresses are beginning to embrace the minicinema world. Recently, Tom Hanks launched his sci-fi miniseries, “Electric City,” on Yahoo! Screen. I just finished watching the first few episodes of “Cybergeddon” (also on Yahoo! Screen). The writing, the picture quality, the acting: it is all there, resting snugly in the palm of my hand.

Technology is reshaping the basic structure of our daily lives. The job market, let alone the film industry, is not immune to this shift. As a young punk filmmaker, I am happy to see new opportunities sprout up for me in this world. Those with marketing experience and the true gumption have gone even further than I could ever dream, especially if those who dutifully upload a video a week. I tip my hat to those crazy, beautiful people. I am incredibly excited and a bit nervous to see where these changes to our social fabric take us.

In the meantime, I hold fast to a changeless God and march forward into the future. All my best to all you aspiring internet personalities and to you, my kind, wonderful readers and viewers.


Aaron Ybarra

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