Project 12: “Expectations”

Hello everyone!

Aaron here. I am excited to introduce you guys to my latest collaboration with the Project 12 Film Series: “Expectations.”

First off, let me say this was so much fun to film! Choreographer, Jonathan de la Mora, pulled out all the stops to make my vision come to life. His team is so wonderfully skilled that I could only sit back and enjoy as they performed the capoeira and salsa numbers. I usually deal mostly with still objects, so it was an fun challenge to find out how to properly capture movement.

I am so used to working with dialogue, that it was a challenge to speak only in action, but our cinematographer and editor, Zach Aro, did a great job in splicing the film together to make this worldless film communicate volumes.

Lastly, I love this project because it gave me the chance to work with my dad, who is a very talented percussionist and an all-around amazing guy.

I hope you enjoy the show!

Blessings to you in Christ,


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