Project 12: Double Feature… “Don’t Fret It” & “The Writers’ Room”

Hi friends,

Sorry for not posting anything sooner. These last few months since “Half Empty” have been an absolute roller coaster ride here at Project 12 Film Series. Let me paint with a broad brush and catch you up.

After “Half Empty,” we were feeling pretty good. The project came out great, we hit our 6-film halfway point. Life was good. Then, as usually happens in such times, we hit a little slump. Projects that we wished would have pan out didn’t, and the deadline for June kept getting closer. If we were to make our deadline, we really had to pull it together and get things done, and by the grace of God, that is exactly what we did.

Here are two project we were able to come up with:

“Don’t Fret It”   

If you know me, you know I like to be mellow. It’s my preferred state of being. So, writing this low-key short was right up my alley. Filming the short, on the other hand, was a little trickier. Location shooting can be tricky. This was no exception to that rule.  Armed with an oversized longboard and a dilapidated guitar, we took on the wind, the waves, and the crowds and learned a valuable lesson in humility while we did so. Against these odds, we endured and produced the film seen above,  and, as icing on the cake, the up-and-coming beach band, Wheeland Brothers, let us use one of their songs (“Weather the Storm”) in it. So grateful for my incredible team, and to this rockin’ musical group.

“The Writers’ Room”

I love sitcoms. They’re cheesy and wonderful. The same holds true for B-movies. So, it was with no small hesitancy that I set about to marry the two. Enter, “The Writers’ Room,” a gritty and fun blend between “50 Rock” and the Syfy Channel. The team did such a great job of exaggerating the situation to the point of farce, which is exactly where I wanted it. After releasing movies like “The Pact” and “Half Empty,” we really felt the need to bring some levity into the series. I’m so glad we were able to accommodate this need.

Having handily made our deadlines, we’re now hard at work trying to finish off the series. I promise you, there is some great stuff in store for the future.

Thanks for watching & God bless,


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