A Tale of Two Versions

It all began with a woman (as many things do.)

My friend, Brian, had been commissioned by aspiring model/actress, Samantha Delgado, to create a welcome video for her YouTube page. Brian is the head of F10 Films, through which the Project 12 Film Series is made. We talked with Ms. Delgado and got a lot of great ideas out of her, concerning how she wanted to tell her story and what she wanted her site to accomplish. Then, not prone to waste time, we went to work creating a product she would enjoy.

Though our partnership with Ms. Delgado fizzled out over time, we did come out of it with a song we really enjoyed (thanks to the help of musician, Brad Weinholtz, who we have worked with before in “Red Light,” “I Owe Her One,” and “Famous.”).

However, the adventure did not end there! Brian challenged me to give the song a modern spin, just to try it out. Having never dabbled in techno before, I accepted the challenge.  I figured, at the very least, this was the ideal time to try something new. Out of that spirit came this little number:

I hope you like the two versions, and am curious to know which is your favorite.

Thanks you for your time, and for just being you.

Blessings to you in Christ,


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