Project 12: “Polyphony” or, Fun with Party Blowers

Hi everyone!

Aaron here, with a fun new collaboration coming to you via the Project 12 Film Series.

The title of September’s release is “Polyphony,” which we had the honor of showcasing at the Project 168 Film Festival in Burbank, CA (more specifically, the Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo).

Here’s how that went down:

Polyphony Poster


I wrote script for “Polyphony” last year with the help of Travis Mendel. I am used to writing dialogue-heavy scripts, so this new one came as something fresh and innovative (and dialogue-free). The nice thing about that is that it’s lack of dialogue makes it appeal to a wider audience than usual. Music, like science, transcends culture. Everyone can enjoy it. Then, when combined with some well-placed body language, we have the makings of a story universal in scope (similar to that of “Peter and the Wolf.”)

We submitted the script to the Write of Passage Contest (sign-ups for the 2014 Write of Passage are currently underway, so check out the 168 site if you want to be part of it). It was received well; so the next logical step was to turn it into a film, which we did via the Project 168 Write of Passage Showcase.

The filming was remarkable easy to piece together. Sarah Gordon, who worked with me at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at that time, agreed to join us as our violinist. Praise God! I played the part of the percussionist. Brian Vann directed, and Zach Aro filmed and edited. (The usual cast of characters filled in the unsung but critical extra tech and cast roles.) We had a fun time, and used multiple cameras to capture every angle, so we wouldn’t have to worry about working hard to line up the music and motions in post.

Within a week’s time, we were ready to submit the short to the festival, and that is exactly what we did.

Polyphony pics


The festival was full of remarkable films. Artists from as far out as South Africa and New Zealand debuted their shorts, all of which were based on Bible verses that reflected the 2013 theme (“the Gift”). Brian and Zach were both looking quite dapper (as you can see from the pictures above); I dressed up; and we gleefully hit the red carpet in style (accompanied by our wonderful family and friends).

It was such a joy for me watch our hard work pay off. Independent filmmaking makes no promises of reward, but the rewards, when they do come, are absolutely fantastic. In fact, not only did we get the chance to see our film played on the big screen, but we also saw it nominated for an award (that award was won by another filmmaker named Aaron Kamp, who made the breathtaking short film, “Stuck.”)


Now we’re back at it: making simple movies and dreaming big dreams. Praise God for His faithfulness to us during this process, and thank you, viewers, for sticking with us throughout the coarse of this incredible year.

Three films to go! Woohoo!

Blessings to you in Christ,


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