Project 12: “To the End”

Hello everyone,

I has certainly been a journey, but not, at last, we can present you with the final installment of the Project 12 Film Series lineup: “To the End.”

This unique vision is brought to by the one and only, Faby Martinez, who is already in the running for an award from the Writers Place Screenplay Competition for this piece.

It chronicles the lives of two would-be writers as they venture through the five stages of grief in pursuit of happiness and reconciliation.

The diction is edgy. The concept is innovative, taken from the French New Wave movement of the late 1950 and ’60’s.

I am especially excited to debut this project because it came so closely to not being made at all.  Faby wrote the script, we rehearsed it, and then multiple other projects sprang up, causing “To the End” to fall by the wayside.

We had all but shelved it when a project that was a shoe in for the final film hit unexpected delays, and we were allowed a short window in which to bring Faby’s script back to the life.

Within a matter of three days, we had the script rehearsed, the location set up, and a film date locked in. We ended up filming passed midnight. Most of the crew was exhausted, but we pushed through.

I am so happy on how the project came out. Watch it. Love it. Share it with your friends.

Blessings to you in Christ,


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