The Heart of a Champion: The Furious Life of Pete Czerwinkski

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Summary: Our circumstances may not be in our control, but our reactions to them certainly are. And reactions make all the difference.

Above is a picture of a wonderful gentleman by the name of Furious Pete.

I first met him on the competitive eating circuit. We shared a common trait: we eat like Cookie Monster. (Although, admittedly, he’s better at it.)

The man is full of life- and that’s saying something, considering his backstory.

See the picture above? Fit dude, right?! But he was not always that way.

No, years back, he was anorexic- so much so that he had to be hospitalized for it. Having wrestled with anorexia in the past myself, I can relate to his struggles. It’s a terrible state to be in.

BUT! He did not stay that way. He fought his way out of it. He built up his body and his self-confidence and went on to become a pro body builder and a top-ranking competitive eater. He’s even quite the YouTube star…

If this were a fairy tale, that would be a pretty sweet place to end. But, as you’ve probably noticed, life isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a CONTINUOUS CYCLE of ups and downs.

To that point, he was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. His health, his future… everything was put into question. Yet, again, he kept going. He saw a doctor, got the surgery, and now he’s back on his feet, pursuing his dreams.

In many ways, this is the face of the modern day superhero: Someone who is thrown a bunch of curve balls, yet never gives up. This isn’t mean just “sucking it up.” No, that is a phrase for our parents’ and grandparents’ generation. Today, we take a fearless inventory of our lives, admit our weakness, and by confession and positive action, we rise above.

As of the writing of this blog, Furious Pete is back hitting the gym hard with his eyes fixed on being featured in’s Bodies of Work Vol. 4.

Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you internalize Pete’s approach- and go, fight, win!

Blessings to you in Christ,


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