Hello, my wonderful friends!

The event known as SpiritUs 2k15 is now over. What a sick time we had!

For the uninitiated, the SpiritUs Conference is an annual youth retreat held in Fort Caswell,  North Carolina (aptly named for its Civil War, WWI, and WWII-era fortifications). It lasts three days and usually has two different weeks from which to attend.

Being staff, we attended both of them, and had the chance to explore the forts, beaches, and local attractions in the period in between.

I must say, I was super floured with how things turned out! (Especially considering that, days before our first show, a freak storm literally picked up our set pieces and threw them half a soccer field down the way, forcing us to scramble to get them rebuilt and repainted.)

From left to right: Tori, Caroline Smith, Liz, Gracie Plyler
From left to right: Tori, Caroline Smith, Liz Hornick, Gracie Plyler (Anna Plyler, not shown)

The cast did great. Given the time we had to rehearse (three days!), they really did their homework and pulled off a quality product. On night two, Gracie (Christina), Caroline (Crooked-Eyed Jacqueline, Devil), and Johnnie (Jesus) even got a standing ovation from the audience. It was pretty sweet!

Side note: I also did not mind that our production was filmed on three different cameras, one of which was a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, which I would not mind owning AT ALL! (Any donors out there?)

Shout-outs to Steven Thigpen (our sound engineer), Corey Millet (our stage manager), and Josh Tester (the director of this year’s SpiritUs event), to Cooper’s Wrench (the house band), and Mark Oestreicher (our guest speaker).

Additional thanks also to Charlie Smith, who designed our playbill:

Into the Word

And, of course, to the SpiritUs Conference, for so kindly hosting us.

Lastly but not leastly, all thanks and glory be to God, who makes all things possible.

With all that said, now it’s off to California to record vocals tracks with Rob Rinderer (our musical’s composer) and #1 Dad, Danny Ybarra!

Stay tuned, and thanks for chiming in.

Blessings to you in Christ,


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