Speaking Truly

Book 2

Hello friends,

Part of the joy and discomfort of writing (and a lot of creative endeavors) is speaking your heart. In many ways, we learn to do anything but. We cower back, being polite when we really need to say something, or we jump forward, either as a reaction to the previous misstep or out of a misguided attempt to be blatantly countercultural. Both of these approaches have their uses and both will ultimately fail you in the end.

Me, personally, I tend to fall into the former category. I’ll say “shoot” instead of “shit” and “fine” instead of “frustrated out of my mind.” This perhaps work well in a job setting, but not always the best in a creative environment. Often, one well-placed “fuck” will save you at least a page or two of dialogue (or more)- and, even in larger works, page count matters.

On the other hand, I feel sometimes we creatives will go overboard on this as well. Sometimes, our characters will curse and shout and really say nothing at all. There will be sex scenes where none are necessary, and blood will splatter all over the place just because the writer wanted to see someone writhe. If this kind of wanton and widespread fictional violence is your thing, then go for it, but not everyone needs to- or can- be the next Quentin Tarantino.

Which brings us to an important question: who are you?

Me? I love Jesus! I think the human body is beautiful, I love puns, I think people in all walks of life are super awesome awesome, and Godzilla-sized mega-monsters are super okay in my book. Sure, there is no genre that will properly encapsulate all those elements, and that’s okay. My fiction touches on this area and that area as it deems fit, and leaves the rest to be what it is. Some people will get it, some people won’t, and that’s cool.

So, how about you? What are you into? What do like to watch, read, and do? Who do you hang out with? Where do you live? Who and what has had the most impact on you?

All these factors will shape who you are and how you communicate, so think on these things. Whoever you are, and whoever you turn out to be, God bless you. I pray all the best for you in your  artistic adventures.

Sincerely yours,


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