Lifting Up, Instead of Tearing Down

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Hello everyone!

Currently, there is a lawsuit going between Ke$ha and her producer (it’s been in limbo since June). Her claim is that the man, Dr. Luke was physically and mentally abusive during their working time together.  The story is so sad and far too common.

One of my heroes was Bill Cosby. He seemed like a really stand-up guy. Who could hold a candle to America’s Dad? But, as you all know, behind the scenes, things were not well in paradise. Which just goes to show ya: No matter how good or powerful or faultless one might seem, we have to be willing to be believe that they can do wrong, not so that we can fault-find, but so that their victims do not go ignored, even attacked further, adding insult to injury.

Producers, managers, coaches, etc. are given authority over their talent, and that talent, despite appearances to the alternative, is often at the bottom of the pecking order. The career life span of the average model, actress, athlete, etc. is very short. It’s every other position in the Industry that continues to pay out over the years. So, in light of this, the least we can do for these individuals is to make their fifteen minutes of fame as enjoyable as possible, as well as equip those who want to expand their portfolio with the resources they need to do so.

Of course, this issue stretches far beyond the entertainment industry. It’s not just aspiring starlets that are being taken advantage of (Lady Gaga’s new vid, “Til It Happens to You” powerfully attests to that). EVERYONE, men and women alike, want to feel attractive, valued, and loved. Our friends and family, co-workers and co-people all seek the same validation. We invest millions of dollars in beauty products and gym memberships, all in an attempt to look good and feel good and have that one special person say, “wow, you look GREAT!” Is this vain? Perhaps. Are there more important things we could focus on that mere appearance? Sure. But the fact remains that when people compliment us, we feel awesome about ourselves (and pretty swell about those giving the compliments as well).

So, I dare you: give a compliment, expecting nothing in return. Empower others to become more than even they could ever imagine. You’ve got a dream? Great! Others do too. Help people achieve their dreams, and you’ll find your own taking shape before your eyes. You feel lost and alone? Find someone no one is paying attention to, and you’ll find that now both of you have a new friend! The process is not complicated. It’s just necessary and good. We win together. We lose apart. So, go forth. Do good. Love one another. Lift people up. And, as always…

Blessings to you in Christ,


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