Like No One Else

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.23.11 PMHi friends!

Recently, my wife and I have been listening our way through Dave Ramsey‘s “Financial Peace University.” The man is in the business of getting people back on their feet (financially), on the right track (making sound investments), and paving the way for others in the future (via college funds and charitable giving). It is has been a true joy walking this walk with him, especially because I get the chance to do it with my gorgeous bride. I truly believe this will be a season of enhanced communication and edifying prosperity for us.

It is funny to note that Dave built this Financial Peace course up from nothing by first applying it to himself. He and his wife were bankrupt. Debt was causing all kinds of stress in their relationship and they needed to figure out a system that worked for them that would get them out of it and keep them out of it. And thus financial peace was born.

You see this over and over again. The overweight person becomes the fitness guru. Buddha tackled the problem of pain by going from riches to rags. I grew up surrounded by strong women, music, and the Bible and so have strong appreciations for each.

Let us set aside the broad categories like actor, pastor, accountant, etc. for a moment and focus in on the life experiences and influences that shape what kind of person in that category you will be. Maybe you really like to act, but are nowhere near Hollywood. So what part of acting do you love? The public speaking? The storytelling aspect? The audience reaction? The fashion? Maybe you’d really like to be a pastor, but hate being out in front of people. What part do you enjoy? The leadership of a team? The Book study? The missions aspect? The engagement of community? If you haven’t taken a DISC Personality or Spiritual Gifts Test, you would do well to take one. They can only help you. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses, your physical location, your genetic makeup, the people in your life, etc. will significantly inform what path best suits you in the future.

Now as you do this, you may discover that your “dream job,” as you know it, isn’t for you at all. And that’s okay. Forcing your round peg into a square hole will you only cost time, money, and emotional energy, and we only have so much of all of the above. You best invest it where you are best suited. Take time to volunteer in the desired realm of your choice: serve at your local church, audition for community theater, intern at a company. Get your feet wet, and see how it feels. Would you start at the bottom? Sure. But things do not get easier from there. “With great power comes great responsibility,”* and the corporate/social ladder in no exception You either love the job from the get-go or you don’t. And that’s just how it is.

Now, if you do find your ideal path really isn’t for you, don’t stress! Your friends and family may be a little put off by your decision to invest your energies elsewhere, or they may cheer the decision, as if knowing that path wasn’t ideal all along. Either way, remember: Your path is ultimately between you and God (and your significant other, if you are married). Dave Ramsey has a saying, “live like no one else (today), so you can live like no one else (tomorrow).” Hollywood has enough actors, Simi Valley has enough entrepreneurs, the Vatican has enough priests. But… THIS WORLD ONLY HAS ONE YOU! So, be bold enough to be the you you were meant to be.

As always, I pray all God’s blessings to you on your journey, and know: you are beautiful and strong.

*Voltaire, The Bible, & Spider-Man

Sincerely yours,


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