The Reluctant Feminist

The Not-So-Feminine Mystique
The Not-So-Feminine Mystique

Over the past few years, I’ve toyed with the idea that I may, in fact, be a feminist. Slowly but surely, I’ve found myself settling into the role. Of course, I’m not your traditional feminist. I mean: I’m male; I’m Christian; and I’m flawed. I essentially embody the very systems purported to be keeping women down, and, honestly, it’s not my place to argue.

Throw your stones. Have at it. I probably deserve it. But you know what: there is another DESERVING party in the mix… you all. Women, in the house, can I get a woot-woot?! Women deserve more representation. Women deserve more support. Women deserve more love.

And we ALL need more Jesus, the author of grace and truth. So, here I am: stupid Christian boy with my big ol’ feminist sign. You wanna know what a feminist looks like: look no further than right here, whether you like it or not.

Women’s Rights people: Jesus loves you. Men’s Rights people: Jesus loves you. Stupid Aaron: Jesus loves you. Now let’s get back to loving each other like Jesus does.


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