ISIS vs. Islam

Right this very second, there is a group of extremists doing very terrible things in the Middle East. Claiming to be followers of the Prophet Muhammed, they’re killing countless hundreds of people, regardless of faith and heritage, destroying priceless historical artifacts, and just being generally crazy. Even al Qaeda, the agents behind 9/11, consider them too hardcore. My friends, that is a whole other level of evil.

Now, you may look and see all these terrible things and reduce everything down to its common denominator: these guys are Muslim, these guys are doing bad things, so all Muslims must be doing bad things. Right? Wrong!

This sorta thing happens all the time in the Christian sphere as well. Every time some crazy extremist goes on a rampage against gays or African Americans or whoever, I get a Facebook feed full of hate mail. And, honestly, what am I gonna say in response? Jesus loves you? The crazies who claim to be speaking on Jesus’ behalf have already said that Jesus hates everyone but them, so like it’s my word against theirs and they are significantly louder than I am, so looks like I am shit outta luck. My only recourse is to live my life to the best of my ability, be the exception rather than the example, take criticism as it comes, and move on.

Same goes for our Muslim neighbors here in the States. Every time the Middle East blows up, guess who’s getting crap for it the rest of week? They do. So, hold your horses on posting that omnibus rant on Facebook. One less person doing that will make the lives of us people of faith a thousand times better. Then, if you are still worked up about the issue (not gonna lie, it’s a pretty serious issue), channel that frustration into prayers of safe passage for our troops, who constantly risk their lives to establish peace in that region, and into sending support to the Syrian refugees, who are displaced by the fallout. Also, for bonus points, if you’re so bold, while you’re at it, say prayers for the crazies of the world as well, cuz that is what Jesus would ACTUALLY do.

Sure, we may not be able to do a whole lot about the tragedies abroad, but we sure can take steps to promote peace here in America. So, make it happen. Love your brother. Reach out to the outcast. Make a difference. Together, by the grace of God, we can rise up above the mess and make today a little bit better for everyone.

Thank you!


One comment

  1. Hi Aaron,
    Very good food for thought!
    THere is a difference
    …and We Can make a difference by the way we live+
    Praying with you.

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