Body Beautiful

There is a war against your body. It’s going on right now.

It takes on the form of porn. It takes the form of fashion & fitness. It says, “you want this body.” You say to yourself “If his body/her body were mine, then I would be truly happy.” But that’s a lie, straight outta Satan’s butt-hole. Even if you were to possess it, it will only leave you wanting. Clothing rips; the body breaks down; your high/climax ends.

I love fashion. I love fitness. I love photography. But NONE of those- no person, suit, six-pack- will ever make you feel any more beautiful/handsome/sexy than you feel about yourself today. So, what we gonna do about that?

I’ll tell you: we’re gonna get up, we’re gonna march over to mirror, we’re gonna strip off all our clothes, and we’re gonna say to our imperfect selves: “I love you.” Then, if you’re so bold do a one-person photoshoot, like you did back when you had MySpace, do that too! Make a sexy pose. Make a smiley pose. Make a silly pose. Do whatever the heck you want.

Don’t compare. Don’t be like “oh, if only.” Be joyful. Be fucking ecstatic. You are HOT! And you’re alive. The sooner you embrace this beautiful fact, the less power marketing will have on you, the more powerful you will feel, and the more you will be able to


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