Something to Talk About

I enjoy writing blogs. I hope you enjoy reading them. Even still, as much as I love this digital space we share, actual reality is better than anything the digital world has to offer either one of us.

Coffee houses across the country have been turned into mocha-flavored make-believe factories where people sit at their laptops and talk about how great they wish they were. But, really, what does any of that matter if the life lived doesn’t back it up? One kiss. One hug. One intimate conversation lasting hours on end is world a million ventures in the fantastical realms.

So, go! Explore. Take a walk. Visit a friend. Get your hands dirty. Then if you’re not too busy having fun (though I pray that will be the case) come back and tell me what you did.

The world needs men and women of action to make a difference in this world. I invite you now to be one of them.


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