Shining Stars & Charlatans

Talk to any industry professional and they’ll be the first one to tell you: in many things in life, the right way is simply the way that works for you. Sure, lock down the basics. Learn your foundations (grammar, scales, Standard Operating Procedure). But, after that, have at it!

People make bookoo bucks telling newbies what to do. These self-proclaimed sages may not have all of life’s answers, but they do have that GUARANTEED formula to make sure that you make it big. Of course, the only thing guaranteed in that formula is that these hacks will get rich quick while you’re chasing shadows.

Thank goodness that there are honest and experienced advisors out there, people who really care about who you are and where you want to go (Dave RamseyJohn August, and Phil Cooke, to name a few). Some of these sell their wares, others give it away for free. But, nevertheless, they provide good resources on your journey towards greatness. Remember: their time is as valuable as yours, so don’t be surprised if they ask to be compensated for it.

So, take the time to learn from the greats and start to form your own plan. As you do that, ask yourself three questions:

1. Does this plan actually work?

2. Does it produce consistent results?

3. Is it practical/sustainable for me to live out?

If your answer is “yes” to all of these questions, then have fun! You’ve found a good thing. If not, feel free to go back to the drawing board. Life is made to be enjoyed and experimented with. So, go! Get down with your adventurous self.


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