I love caffeine. I start every day with it. I get headaches if I don’t get it. That, my friends, is addiction.

We tend to think of addiction in terms of cigarettes and gambling, but it could be anything that seizes control of our bodies, thoughts, and emotions so that we can’t do anything in it. Whether it be checking our phones, working out, or having that after-work beer: no matter how seemingly benign or beneficial, it must always be kept in balance.

So, check yourself (before you wreck your self). Take a day, turn the phone off, detox, stop and smell the roses. It may be awkward, even painful at first, but such is the price of freedom. Remember: freedom is a precious thing, easily squandered and utterly irreplaceable.



  1. WOW!!! Crazy short…but pretty eye opening!
    FUN!!… turning back from that one!!!!
    (….but there comes that moment…
    not so funny…too true!)

    Your words are a Good reminder for self reflection..

    • Thanks! Yeah, it is a pretty intense short. A friend shared it with me a while back. Everything in moderation. Love you, Mom!

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