The Illusion of Confidence

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The world says, “be confident; be a leader,” as if those two things always go hand in hand. But what is confidence in leadership anyway? Is it the absence of fear? Not even the most seasoned of musicians get a bit of stage fright when playing large venues. The same goes for leading large numbers of people.

Take Mother Teresa, for example. She inspired a generation to actively engage in humanitarian aid. Yet, she was plagued with doubt during her whole ministry. If she, who spent her life doing God’s work, felt weak in the knees at times, shouldn’t we allow ourselves the same grace as we lead others in our own paths?

That said, let us agree the key to successful leadership isn’t doing so without fear, but doing it at all. Yes, you can be tripping out of your mind, but as long as you’re out there making things happen: more power to you!

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One comment

  1. True strength that comes from God , thru those that depend on HIM ,can be
    miraculasely effective! Keep your focus on +Jesus, like Mother Teresa did,
    and wonders can and do take place!

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