Our Song

Play me a song, she said,

even though it was late and

we were both shivering.

So, with fingers,

numb and calloused,

i started to play a standard tune

before she reached over to

my low E string and tuned it down a step

Now, I had a bass line

So, i strummed a bass while I played the melody

then she reached over again

and tuned all the strings down a half-step

So I started playing metal

Then she tuned everything into D,

so I had a cool alt. groove going on

Then she tuned the guitar every which way

and there was honestly nothing i could play

that sounded right

to me.

keep playing, she said,

but it’s wrong, I said,

don’t stop, she said,

and then we were silent for a bit

before I started to play

i winced as i played,

and i prayed no one was around to hear it

but then she started to hum,

nothing world-shattering

just a simple hum,

and the hum inexplicably meshed with the guitar

and i was intrigued

so, i continued to play

and we played and we played

until her voice wore out

and my fingers started to bleed

So then we stopped,

and she smiled at me.

“that’s our song, babe, that’s

our song.”

at first i thought no,

but then I knew it was so

because everything else was standard and plain

but the song we made up was ours just the same

and it was beautiful

and it was ours

and it was good.


One comment

  1. Fun …( not the bleeding fingers, that sounds painful)..but the poem is fun..
    sounds like you are in love!

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