Ezekiel’s Flight: Epilogue

As it turns out, The Blue Dragon was not a hard egg to crack. With a little help from our repaired friend ART, and his new and improved voice duplication software, we rode  Mr. Pirelli’s scout ship into the mothership without any problems. Totally Trojan Horse status.

The staff of the Dragon are real pushovers, especially with a gun pointed at them. Still, I think they will make a welcome part of our team. I mean, I have always dreamed of having a wait staff around (though in those same dreams, they were monkey butlers).

I cannot say it is wise to be driving the stolen property of a known member of the Maestro Clan; still, it is quite nice to be riding in style for change.

They will come after us. I am sure of that. But in the meantime, it’s on the next gig, and the next after-party. Good times.

If you need to find us, look for the heartbreakers, playing wherever there is a song to sung and a payout to be made. Look us up sometime. We’ll be waiting with a glass in hand, and an instrument solo ready. Just don’t ask for a bass solo, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Groovily yours,

Stephan Gear, lead singer of Ezekiel’s Flight

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