Depression is a lion

Depression is a lion

eager to isolate and decimate
us, hapless gazelles.
Some may tell you
to go it alone,
and face the giant
all by yourself.
but you are not David,
you are the stone
you need a helping hand
to make you fly.
In the same way,
do not face the lion alone,
Instead, do what the gazelle does
Enlist the help of the herd,
the company of friends,
to distract, deter,
and otherwise dominate over
the enemy.
For we were meant to live
in community,
so to call on the help of friends
is to live up to your
biology, your unique
Divine nature.
Of course, once you’re in community
you’re in community
you are responsible and responsive
to others,
just as others are responsible and responsive
to others.
Indeed, to tap into this wealth
of resources is more than just
a candy cane or a band-aid,
it is a mutual edification,
an enlistment into a band of brothers
and sisters
with whom you will take on the world.
So gird your loins,
noble gazelle,
the lion of depression
can and will be defeated,
but after it has fallen,
you have a much greater adventure
in store for you,
in ubuntu.


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