forbidden fruit3

All lusts are connected.

The lust for money,

The lust for power,

The lust for each other
Are all rivers


into the same ocean

So be careful

Of greed,

Of pride,

& of groundless sexuality,
For by tapping into one,

You may very well tap into all

And see your worlds come

Tumbling down.

For are not the wealthy

perceived as powerful

and attractive?

(Or any combination of these?)
Yet, with all that in mind,

what of it?

Was is not the desire

for a forbidden apple

That tore two lovers asunder

And launched humanity into outright rebellion

against the GOD of Heaven & Earth?

So do be careful,

Dear reader,

Of what you want

And the means you use

In acquiring it.
You may get far more than you bargained for.


LORD GOD, please guard: my eyes, my wallet, and my station,

that they would honor you and bring me closer to others.

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