The Son in Her Eyes

And there she is

in front of mirror, doing her makeup
fixing her hair
wishing, hoping, praying.
Oh! If only today they would see her,
not with those X-ray, X-rated eyes,
but with telescopes that gaze beyond this dying flesh,
this projected facade,
would peer deep within
to the starlight of her soul.
If only they would see the supernova
that burns within,
that dynamic energy stronger than
even science’s Big Bang-
the supernova that charges
and brings light into the world.
But all they see is the same old boring flesh
she sees every day
in mirror,
wrestles with
in the dark.
Ah, yes! She could be so much more

if they would let her, if she would let herself


in touch with her Creator, that boundless, selfless Well-spring of Love.

If only they could be like that,
they could be remade themselves too,
be anybody they wanted to be.
“Maybe one day,” she thinks, “maybe one day.”
In the meantime, today, she gets herself dressed and goes out into the world
with a rosary in her pocket, praying for her fellow man

and lifting everyone up into the Divine Embrace of God.

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