~Job 38:31-32 (NKJV)~


We are mysteries, even to ourselves.

We are tin soldiers, wound up at conception,

marching to a rhythm we cannot hear.


Our days, our ways,

they are new to us, yet are written in full

in the stars.


But, this is not fatalism,

for fatalism fights against what is known,

and we do not know.

Instead, we discover daily.

It is an adventure, a surprise

a comfort in the storm,

a present that is slowly revealed

in time.


Indeed, every day is like Christmas

to us who looks upon the sunrise

with expectant wonder.


Rest assured, dear friends,

we have a grand destiny in store for us.

Though the devil paints in a life

that is grey and meaningless,

God paints in all manner of color,

all colors of the rainbow.


o how splendid and grand is the life

of he or she who casts sights

upon the horizon, upon the Son!


  1. “God paints in all colors all the colors of the rainbow” ..
    love the illustration
    He truly does +

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