Paper Boats

We are paper boats,

sailing through the sea of life.

On us is inscribed the library of memory.

On occasion, a kindly hand will pick us up out of the water,

will read from soggy pages,

and we shall be known.

These, my friends, are the days of significance.

I pray you have many,

before we are all

sink soundly beneath the waves of time.

One comment

  1. Thinking about these words.
    .thank God for the people that read
    the soggy pages…
    they truly Are friends..
    and the forturnate ones!…
    your wording is thoughtprovoking
    for each of us have significance..
    for them to discover…for us to discover deep within ourselves..
    acting on that significance is what counts!
    Gives life meaning
    and those actions are what are remembered
    the actions
    and the way we live our lives thru our unique personalities.
    Purposefully written.

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