A True Blessing Thus Far

Some say that the key to success is to not care

what anybody thinks about you or your actions or anything

in between.

If that is true then I am a failure,

for I care immensely about me and you

and everything.


Some say that we shouldn’t have a regret in the world,

Again, I fail again because I have regrets

Make mistakes, cause harm-

accidentally or otherwise-

and thus I do what I can

to rectify these errors.


In the court of man, my case may not hold much water,

but in that God- well, that is, a thing, other.

Yes, I am happy to stand before the King of Kings,

not blameless, but myself

with faults and failures laid out like dirty clothes

washed clean

in the blood, in His blood,

I am redeemed!


So, I say say “thank you” for the life you given me.

It has been a true blessing thus far.

Bless those who are strong and weak,

well or poorly esteemed,

for we are children

and you are our Father.


How great it is

to be in the care of the Almighty God!

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