More Than Miracles

More than miracles,

I think people are looking

for Jesus to stop on His way to wherever He is going,

to look them in the eyes and see them as they truly are

to invite them to go with Him,

to love them as they have never been loved before.

to very core.

It such a simple thing, yet so profound

to be in community with God.




  1. Jesus already saw you for what you are, thats why he died on the cross for you. and for all of man kind. so that for all who believe you would be gifted a new Spirit, born again spiritually in the image of God, still you, but because of Jesus – now righteous and blameless and perfect. if your not ready to change, that just means you havent decided to give your life to Christ, to truly accept him in your heart – thats all he asks – a change of heart from unbelief to belief – and your born a new creature after , the exact person you have always wanted to be, full of love and born of it.

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