Find that Release

As you return to the hotel,

where the kids left behind their clothes

you rifle through the rooms,

shaking your head.

They have been loud, but fun

and they have left you exhausted.

you contemplate grabbing a beer

now that you are done,

instead you wander down the hallways

with a set of board shorts and a halter top in hand.

In a random hallway, you find a piano

You need to get back, but

you say, “what the heck,”

and play.

You play quietly for a bit ,

then freely

people walk by, not quite staring

but not quite not staring either

nobody says anything though

they understand you are frustrated

and need release

you burn through sonatas and pop songs

everything in your repertoire

everything you can think of

saying nothing, letting the keys

do the talking

until you are all talked out

Then you grab your clothes and leave

nobody will remember that you were here

but you will remember

at random moments,

that release,

that freedom

that epic surrender of self

at all necessary times

and may it empower you to do the same,

find that release

in the future

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