Our God is a Living God

Often our God is defined that by the space in which we serve Him.

The Israelites had their temple.

The Canaanites, their high places.

The Europeans had their cathedrals.

We moderns have our office buildings and amphitheaters.

I like to quote George Carlin in such instances:

“why do they call them buildings,

they’ve already been built.”

So, find me out in nature, worshipping my LORD,

for my God is alive,

as alive as the plants, the animals, you and me.

He breathes, He moves, He feels.

He has presence and power, cause and effect.

He cares; He nurtures; He fights; He flies.

Find me in the silence in the awe nature provides.

I’ll be waiting there.

One comment

  1. God Is with … In us+
    Love to be in His nature… His creation.
    Definitely feel His Presence there, as well.🌿

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