the U in Unique

I hope you know how amazing you truly are
crafted to do the things only you can do
made to look and act and talk like only you can.

The more you step into your own, the more I smile
because it is like a beam of light
breaking through the clouds
and crowds.

You are unique and vibrant and lovely.
You are a superhero.
You inspire and awe.

May your whole day,
from the moment you wake to the moment you
be filled with blessings
and may your embrace and overtake
every obstancle
with the strength and dignity
I know you possess in spades.

Your voice is a song,
your form a whisper.
You move about with the applause of angels
because you dance through life
like it were full of rhythm.

Continue to be you.
That is the best you can ever be.
May the love of Christ fill your soul,
consoling you when you are sad.
Lifting you up when you drag low.

May your ways and days ascend up to heaven
and may you truly believe you are never alone.

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