Mary, Blessed Among Women

What would be like to be Mary,
to bear and birth and raise the Son of God,

to know He is the promised Messiah,
though quite not sure of how,

to be told by Jesus that His purpose was away from her,
that He knew His calling from the get-go.

What would it be like to have Him address everyone
as His mother and father and sisters and brothers,

What would it be like to witness Him do miracles
and die on a cross?

Who knows what happened to Joseph along the way,
but Mary endured through it all,

long enough to see her Blessed Son rise,
first from the earth,
then into the sky.

As the disciples came into their own, she slipped into the background
but to be Mary during those years,
Mary the theotokos, God-bearer
o, what a calling that would be!


    • ..,exhilarating, beyond words and expression ,to see and know Jesus resurrected ,Son of God.. in your midst !

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