Kicking Against the Goads

Saul was struck by light
on the way to Damascas.

“Saul, why do you kick
against the goads?” said our LORD.

It was at that moment that Saul realized
He had been worshipping God wrongly,
when only moments before he believed he
was serving Him right.

God needs to do that now and again:
show up in a beam of light,
pointing out where we have strayed.

Otherwise we grope about in the dark,
pretending it to have it all together
but really falling apart at the seams.

God does not want that. Not at all.
“Go to the house of Simon the tanner and be healed,”
he says.
Not once, but forever.
This is our God,
gracious, forgiving, just and good.


  1. It is amazing the different ways God Shines that light sometimes! I know How often I have needed it and still often do!

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