Democracy is scary

a thousand voices screaming out into the void

every time we trust the masses

we soon skulk back in fear

what if they’re wrong?

but when the pendulum swings the opposite direction

there is no worse fate:

closed hearts, closed minds

an iron fist clutching the intrepid heart of a teenage nation.

Lady Liberty, hold your torch high

shine the way for all to see

the glorious future that waits for

us who dare to let you lead.

One comment

  1. Liberty…Justice …Voice of the people who seek it out. Democracy necessary to thrive. Protest can be overwhelming. Sometimes one must silently study the facts ..pursue the call, by other means .
    Thankful this country gives us the right to vote our conscience, with the best information we can thoughtfully draw on. It is hard to know though. Thankful I have liberty, in CHrist, regardless.

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