You Say

You say, God hears me so I don’t need counseling 

You say, God heals me so I don’t need medication

You say, God provides so I don’t need financial assistance

But I say,

The resources are there for a reason

If you are willing to trust God with your weakness

Are you also ready to trust your fellow human being

Who you see? Who you live with? Who you love?

One comment

  1. Just as there are excellent medical doctors, who you need to seek out due to there expertise and schooling, etc.- there are excellent Christian counselors/ psychologist, MTF’s, etc.
    They can be life saving! Life renewing, eye and heart opening.✝️ Breaking chains that have imprisoned us.
    God has blessed and gifted them with education and preparedness, as well, and a heart to serve God faithfully .
    Yes, I believe some people ,that are God gifted in the area of counseling, can be provisions of Jesus ‘with skin on’.
    The Biblical book of Proverbs even tells us to seek wise/ godly counsel!
    Be wise ! Can be life changing for the better.

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