Id, Ego & Superego

Freud talked about 3 domains of consciousness: id, ego, and superego. The id is our primal selves, the seat of our emotions. The ego is our analytical selves, the highway of the mind. The superego is our selfless selves, the throne of virtuosity and sacrifice. You cannot ignore any of them to be a balanced person, though you may prefer one over the other. Our feelings can be scary, even overpowering, yet we need them to connect and sympathize. Our mind can go into overdrive, clouding our ability to act. Yet from it comes knowledge and discernment. The soul is perhaps scariest of them all, for it begs us to sacrifice ourselves to get in touch with the Divine. 

God, in Their infinite wisdom, knew this and so revealed Themselves in Three Persons: The Spirit, the Son, and the Father. Through the Spirit, we connect through listening and intuition; through the Son, we connect through senses and the Word; and through the Father, we connect through awe and All. All Three are essential. All Three are holy. There is no hierchy amongst Them. Together, they make a balanced whole.

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