Dinner with Jesus

On the way to Emmaus, Jesus met His disciples as they discussed the Scripture. When He asked them what they were doing, they became sad, because they believed all their knowledge to be for not. To them, Jesus was dead. 

The Living Jesus kept their attention for a time, continuing to talk about the Scriptures until they sat down for dinner; then, things got interesting. The moment He broke bread with them, their eyes opened and they realized it was Jesus the entire time.

It’s so easy just to rush around and entirely miss what is right in front of us. That is why we break bread together, as a family, friends, and lovers. The dinner table allows us a place to be still, to open up, to experience each other as we really are, where before we only knew in text. To rephrase, as we break bread, we take a break and break open. In these glorious moments, our relationships are resurrected and revived, and perhaps we get to see each other again and for the first time. And very likely we see a bit of God in them as well.

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