Psalm 139

Everybody loves Psalm 139. In it, David talks about God is everywhere he goes, knows his thoughts, and stitched him by hand in his mother’s womb. Beautiful sentiments.

Then there is verses 19-22, where David makes a sudden shift from this and asks God to take out his enemies. At first, the transition is jarring. Then you begin to think about the life of David. The shepherd-king spent a majority of his life on the run. He is asking God, ‘you know me. If I have done anything wrong, please let me know. Otherwise, could you help me out here?’

And God is not shy on answering that prayer. He calls out David often, and He avenges him as well.

That’s what I find fascinating about the Scriptures: the incongruous bits are simply an invitation to dive deeper. Lord, may I be up to the task. Amen.

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