Job 38-41

Funky things happen when bad things occur. Either we attempt to hide it, rationalize it, or just plain walk away.

We say, God is good and just and loving, but what is happening is neither good nor just nor loving.

We say, it is because of sin, but again why would a good, just, and loving God allow Satan and humanity to even perpetuate its existence, with or without the presence of freewill.

After the shit hits the fan in Job’s life, his friends spend chapters trying to man-splain God. Remember, Job is a holy man, a priest even. He knows all about God. He needs no reminder. 

Then God shows in chapter 38. He does not explain His actions. He does not talk about peace and love or sin and judgement. He simply asserts that He is the Lord of all creation. He created Job and everything else that exists. He knows, He sees, He is with him through it all.

So many people leave the faith when prayers go unanswered and pain is abounding. This is in no small part because we have propagated the idea of a god that is simply too small to accommodate it. Often, we do this with the best of intentions, but there are times when this god doesn’t make sense in light of our present reality and that’s when people leave.

God doesn’t ask us to make sense of Him. He asks us to trust Him. He is God the Father, He created us. He is God the Son, He is bodily with us. He is God the Holy Spirit, He is us. He knows our pain. He feels it right alongside us. We need to trust Him. It might be kicking and screaming, but we need to trust Him. Day by day, little by little, He will get us through.

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