Worst. King. Ever.

So, today we’re gonna brush off the cobwebs and wander over into the Old Testament.

In 2 Chronicles 33 (and 2 Kings 21), we meet a guy named Manasseh. Despite having a pretty solid role model for a dad (yay, Hezekiah), Manasseh turns out to be a pretty rotten king. Idolatry, demon worship, the wholesale slaughter of innocents. He basically trained the nation to flip God the bird, and God wasn’t having any of it.

After a time, God lays the smack-down on Manasseh, bringing in the Assyrians to take over his kingdom (Judah).

Then, things get interesting. Manasseh, now in Assyrian jail, repents. And God hears him. Not only that, but God restores Manasseh to the throne and the man finishes off the rest of his term in relative peace.

Just goes to show you: God is does not tolerate fools, but He is quick to redeem where there is true forgiveness being sought. No, not all of us will experience such a quick and whole return. Sometimes, the consequences are paid in full.

But how cool is it to believe in a God who cares about us enough both to correct us when we have wronged and to lift us up when we are ready to rise again.


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