David’s Trusty Slingshot

When David goes to slay Goliath (1 Samuel 17), King Saul offers him all this cool swag to get the deed done. Nowadays, imagine drones and infrared night goggles and heat seeking missiles. David wants none of that. Instead, he sticks with his handy dandy slingshot.

This is the slingshot that has slain bears and lions in order to protect his sheep. David trusts the slingshot and he trusts his God, who has empowered him to do all things. David would need God many more times after this as well, as he went on not only to slay the giant, but also to be king of Israel.

Life is full of ‘quick’ fixes and ‘convenient’ solutions. David was constantly tempted by them. Still, when he chose God’s way over the easy way, he was blessed. May we all be bold enough to do the same when we too are called to step out and face our giants.


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