“Don’t You Care We’re Going to Die?”

So the disciples are in a boat (Mark 4:35-41). They’re professionals. The sea is near and dear to their hearts. So, Jesus decides to take a little nap while they’re on their way.

The problem is things start to get a little rough. Real rough, actually. So rough that the disciples fear for their lives.

But Jesus is still asleep.

They shake him awake. Though their world is falling apart, Jesus remains calm. He stands up and tells the waves to be quiet. He tells the disciples not to be afraid, and they become even more afraid than before. After all, fear is one of the most powerful motivators in our lives. Who is this person that is even more powerful than that?

Yet, even with all that power, He does not let it go to His head. He does not berate His disciples for their lack of faith. They just do not understand. He guides them into the understanding of a greater reality at play. It completely blows their minds.

There are plenty of times when we believe that Jesus is asleep, especially when our boat is not only rocking but underwater. Still, Jesus cares. He is with us in the boat, no matter what happens. That’s perhaps the craziest thing about the Gospel. Jesus came down from heaven, the perfect place, to be here in the insanity with us.

He knows the boat is rocking. He feels the waves. He senses our fear. And he stands up and says, “calm.”

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