No Turning Back, a.k.a. Pillar of Salt

Salt, in the Scriptures, is usually shown in a positive light. It brings flavor and sustaining power to life. But there is a case where salt is not so good.

In Genesis 19, Lot and his family are told to get out of dodge. The city in which they live has gone sour. Five chapters early, Abram saved both Lot and the entire city from destruction from neighboring kings. This salvation however does not serve as a wakeup call for the city, but rather an endorsement of their declining behavior. Gratitude gives way to wanton greed, lust, and violence. They turn against Lot, against God, and against each other. Now, God is ready to clean house.

Before He sends in the bulldozers, however, he tells Lot to get out, promising Lot safe passage so long as he and his family do not look back. Lot’s wife does and she turns into a pillar of salt. Some scholars hold this to be an origin story for the salt columns that surround that neck of the woods (the Dead Sea). But I think it serves as a great reminder. Lot chose Sodom because it seemed like a better deal than Abram’s field. The Jews wanted to go back to Egypt because at least there they were guaranteed three square meals and front row seats to the most decadent culture in town.

But God is not distracted by fancy appearances. He looks at the heart. He knows what is good for us and what is not, and if He says go, we need to go. And not look back.

It’s so easy. You can spend a lifetime looking back. Saying, if only… or what if… but God wants us to keep moving forward. He knows the journey is hard. That is why He allows Lot several pitstops along the way. But still we need to go forward.

For better or worse, all we have is this moment. And what we do with it determines what the next moment looks like, and the moment after that. Will you keep taking the next step forward, even when it’s hard? Will you trust God with the journey?


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