Revelation, or God Cleans House

Revelation. The end of the Book, the closing of the story.

Do you know what I learned? Everything that is not in God and of God goes away.

Everything that distracts and destructs, all the shiny things. All the illness and pain. All the tanks and the torments, all gone.

It’s a sobering reminder.

Paul reminds us that in the end of days, all our work shall be tested (1 Corinthians 3:10-15). The work that began with our fire baptism by the Holy Spirit when we accepted first Christ into our hearts will at last be complete.

We owe it to God and to ourselves to keep our priorities straight.

Love, community, the things that edify and inspire. Time spent with God and one another, these are the things that matter, whose legacy outlasts us all.

Whether we experience that “day of the LORD” on a personal level or with the entirety of humankind, there shall come a time when our heart will stop beating and  our days and ways shall be counted up.

Let us not be found wanting. Let us abide in Jesus Christ.


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