Finding the Pocket

Went into an audition yesterday, cool role, definitely gave me some fuel to play with.

At first, while putting the audition on tape, the words came out kinda bland. My wife calls it “the voice.” The words are kinda there, but in the end there’s no heart or soul to them. The coach gave lots of good pointers and techniques, but it was not quite where we wanted it to be. We were getting closer, though.

I took a break. I thought about tactics. What does the character want? He’s a bit of a salesman. I thought about Dave Ramsey and the art of making a deal. If you want to win the deal, you gotta be the one closest to the door.

I went back in and the audition completely changed. Within two takes, it was exactly where we wanted it to be. I didn’t need to see the playback, though the playback was generously provided. It was exactly where I wanted to be. There was something at stake for this character. I could feel it down to my bones.

I have a love/hate relationship with that feeling. It excites and humbles me. I can’t fake it. When it’s there, it changes everything. There are all kind of useful techniques to get the parameters of the take looking just right, but in the end it’s what’s happening underneath that really matters, really plays.


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